Example Messages

slogans to expose Planned Parenthood: 

We Don’t Need Planned Parenthood #DefundPP
No Taxpayer $$ for Abortion #DefundPP
Planned Parenthood Betrays Women
For every adoption referral, #Planned Parenthood does 174 abortions #defundPP
Over 94% of Planned Parenthood’s services to pregnant women are abortion #defundPP

General Pro-Life Messages

A baby’s heart begins to beat at 15 days!
Every life deserves a lifetime
You are not alone (include local PHC number)
300 hearts each representing 100 babies lost to abortion each day in US

Abortion Hurts Women
Women Need Love Not Abortion
Restore Preborn Rights
Human Rights for All: Born & Preborn
Heartbeat Begins Beating at  21 Days
Social Justice Begins in the Womb
Adoption Not Abortion
Love them both
True Feminists are Pro-Life
Peace Begins in the Womb
End the War on Preborn Children
Women Regret Abortion
Equal Rights for Preborn People
Pregnant? Need help? Visit (local PRC website)


Draw 3,500 baby feet or hearts and chalk “Abortion Stops 3,500 Hearts Every Day”