Save lives on Thursday, September 24th!


This year's theme:

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National Pro-Life Chalk Day!

Every year, the pro-life message reaches hundreds of thousands of people in the simplest of ways, sidewalk chalking. This small but powerful tool has been used to share the truth about abortion, get the word out about pregnancy resources, and help men and women who have had experiences with abortion find help and healing. And it’s FUN!

With a handful of chalk and an arsenal of pro-life slogans, you can leave a lasting impression on hundreds or even thousands of people.

Step 1: Pick up sidwalk chalk (Walmart, drug stores, Hobby Lobby)
Step 2: Collect your pro-life friends (this is optional, but helpful)
Step 3: Find a heavily trafficked public area
Step 4: Chalk short pro-life messages in large letters everywhere

With the recent exposure of Planned Parenthood’s corrupt practice of selling the body parts of aborted children for profit, #WomenBetrayed is partnering with National Pro-Life Chalk Day for the #WomenBetrayed Student Action Day to draw more attention to this disgusting practice. We are asking that as you chalk on your campuses and in your communities, you focus your messaging on Planned Parenthood and helping young women and men find real help – see example messaging here.

Want to do more than sidewalk chalk? Find out how you can participate in this year’s National Student Action Day. 


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If your pro-life messages are vandalized or your group experiences trouble with administration, please email immediately with a detailed description and pictures (if available).